Next Level Neville [99 Days]

Building The Habits and Practices of Mastery of Imagination

Next Level Neville: The 99 Day Experience - 16 weeks (total)
Instructor: Josiah Brandt
Course Hours: 10-20 per week
Credit Hour Equivalent: 9


2020 Dates To Be Announced



  • Daily Assignments in the form of assigned readings, audios, videos, imagination exercises, real-world exercises, self reflection, group sharing
  • Weekly Live Classroom-style Discussion (via GoToMeeting Livestream), Wednesdays, 8:30 PM EST (UTC-5), and some Thursdays, 1 PM EST (UTC-5) for international students

NLN: 99 Day Course Dates:

Day 1: TBA

Day 99: TBA

This course includes two weeks of post-graduation livestream classes. (16 weeks total)

Next Level Neville: The 99 Day Metaphysical Masterclass: Inspired by the teachings of Neville Goddard. Includes online learning modules, group discussion, livestream lectures, and imagination exercises designed to sharpen your imagination and awaken your creative power.

An online study of mastery of the creative power of the human imagination. The focus will be on developing an intimate understanding of imagination as a “divine technology” and observing how it creates, directs and influences reality, and developing proficiency with Imagination as a creative tool.

Practicing a sequenced variety of imagination exercises, students develop first-hand experience sharpening and strengthening their imagination. Students develop fluency with the "language of imagination", allowing them to share the concepts taught intelligently and eloquently with ease.

Emphasis is placed upon principles of wisdom regarding the use of imagination and students are taught to use their creative power lovingly.

*All livestreams are recorded and posted for watching at your convenience.

Topics Include:

We’ll study the fundamentals of metaphysics, developing a theoretical framework for evaluating the core premise of “Imagination Creates Reality”

Quantum Physics
We’ll explore fascinating perspectives from leading-edge science regarding consciousness, quantum physics, and the role of human imagination as the Observer in reality creation

Reality Bending
The class explores the fundamental principles of reality in-depth, including how to use the creative power of imagination to consciously create circumstances and modify your experience of "internal" and "external" reality

Mental Diets: 
What I feed into my consciousness is given life in my world. We’ll discuss the concept of “mental diets” in depth and establish practices for wisely feeding our Imagination with nutritious substance that supports the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

Imaginal Acts
How do you know what to imagine? We’ll discuss in-depth the Principles for the Wise Use of Imagination and build a solid foundation for mental pictures that inspires positive outcomes from imaginal acts.

State of Being
What is a State? How does the State we occupy create our outcomes? How to change States? Through group discussions and thought-provoking course content, we'll engage deeply with the topic of "States" from both practical and academic perspectives.

Desires and Fulfillment
What is the role of the mechanism of desire in our spiritual growth? How are desires satiated? How do we align purely with the desires of our heart? How do we create what we want? We'll dive deeply into the mechanism and expand our fluency with this realm of creative imagination.

Synchronicity and the Bridge of Incident
When you use your imagination to consciously create your experience, the physical evidence of your imaginal act emerges into your 3D world by a “bridge of incident”. We’ll discuss how to identify the bridge when it appears and strategies for quickly aligning your conscious State of Being with your desired outcome.

What is the true nature of Time? Is our experience of time linear or cyclical? What is the "spiral" that Neville Goddard teaches? We'll expand on this topic in-depth and explore this fundamental aspect of our conscious experience of reality.

If all is Imagination, I imagine my relationship with every one and every thing into being, whether it appears to be internal or external. How do I use my imagination to create amazing, beautiful, heart-expanding relationships with the people, places and things around me?

Self Love and Self Care
As you uncover your true nature, it is incredibly important to build a daily practice of Self-Love and Self-Care. We'll explore this topic in-depth and practice exercises designed to deepen the intimacy of our relationship with our Consciousness.


At the conclusion of this 99 day experience, students who successfully complete the coursework will have established:

  • A radical deconstruction of outdated personal paradigms of reality
  • A life-transforming reclamation of personal power
  • A functional embodiment of Creator Consciousness
  • Confidence to stand firmly in power and purpose
  • Fluency in the language and lexicon of Imagination
  • Tools to transform and release trauma
  • A profound experience of healing as experiences are consciously raised to the level of Love
  • A comprehensive, structured education in the Wise Use of the Creative Power of Imagination
  • A set of powerful, reality-bending imaginal exercises: tools that you are familiar with and know how to leverage towards a specific goal
  • A daily, structured, self-love and self-care regimen
  • Imagination exercises to strengthen and enhance the vividness of imaginal pictures
  • Lifestyle integration of the Habits and Practices of Mastery of Imagination
  • A community and network of fellow “Neville Students” who encourage and support you in your transformation
  • A body of personal, first-hand experience with the creative power of your Imagination
  • Inspiration to continue the practice of Mastery of your Creative Power

Students who successfully complete the 99 Day Course will be invited to attend a very special students-only retreat in Barbados!

This course includes access to the "Meditation for Manifestation" Masterclass (3 Hours), and the "Speaking Into Existence" Weekly Mastermind.

*Tuition Payment Plans Available

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